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Nifty nafty

A Hand-Drawn Collection Made With Undivided Attention To Each Trait Has Galactic Future In The Ethereum Blockchain. Take Off With Us! Unbelievable Journey Awaits All The Holders. There Are 1 Bonus Collections - Robot Hunters, Animated Series And More. This Collection Is Going Be Iconic



A collection of 9,999 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is based on a random generation of over 500 hand-drawn unique traits.


Phase 1

Landing page - represents our collection and the future really well.

Collection of 9,999 2D randomly generated arts, with over 500 unique traits.

Kick-off of the active phase of our NFT collection's marketing campaign

Liquidity Pools instead of the NFTX and NFT20

NiftyNafty Wear - exceptionally high-quality street wear, produced by and made for FREE DROPS exclusively for OGs

Development of the exclusive merchandise for our HODLers, and unique and high quality wear.

Phase 2

Q3-Q4 2022

πŸ€– A collection of 2D Robot Hunters - 3000 NFTs, 750 of each will be distributed to the first 500 owners of NiftyNafty NFTs and 250 random holders of NiftyNafty NFTs.

Q3 2022


🎁 Random holders will receive airdrops for rare unreleased NFTs and other gifts

Comics update – metaverse storytelling the history of our NiftyNafty and their universe

Our permanent holders will receive airdrops of collection NFTs from our universe.

Phase 3

Q4 2023

πŸ™Š We are kicking off the creation of the Season 1 of our animated series based on our NiftyNafty project – what will make our collection simply iconic. If Gods of Bunnies allow.

OG HODLers will get a free access to the next two collections

9,999 2D generated arts, with over 300 unique traits

9,999 2D generated arts, with over 300 unique traits

A collection of 2D Robot Hunters - 3000 NFTs

A collection of 2D Robot Hunters - 3000 NFTs

NiftyNafaty Generation 2.0 3D NFT collections

NiftyNafaty Generation 2.0 3D NFT collections


2D ROBOT HUNTERS for all NiftyNafty holders

Fast Pass

30% off for the upcoming Generation 2.0


5.5% of royalty fees to DAO wallet and 6.5% cut by OpenSea

rabbit rabbit

Nifty nafty

No long and clear nights of the red planet could put to sleep young private Bugs in the barricades made of cosmic trash and soil of Mars, the only thing that was on his mind and could not leave him that night was the possibility of his species simply disappearing from this world. An army of robots were approaching, and in the distance the incessant shots of the laser cannons from the space were heard alongside unclear speeches from the loudspeakers of the robots.

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25% sold out

10 lucky holders and 10 most active (on social media platforms) holders will be airdropped one free unique NiftyNafty NFTs.

50% sold out

USD 10K we send to the animal protection fund .

75% sold out

NiftyNafty are all over the Mars and its satellites.

100% sold out

Setting up the NiftyNafty DAO.



9.999 Total Rabbits
  • Citizens
  • Warriors
  • Warlords
  • Savages
  • Extra (+19)
Citizens 6 831
Warriors 2 000
Warlords 999
Savages 150




  • 1. Who is the team behind Nifty Nafty?

    Our project was created partnership with one of the best global agencies in the world – QClay Design ( Instagram, Dribbble, TikTok), which is followed by over 150K professional designers globally. This agency has experience of working with clients like Spotify, Superbowl, Pixar, Indetex, Red Bull, and Abode, which guarantees the implementation of all stages of the NFT collection at the highest level. And our animator is Rikani (500k Followers).

  • 2. How to mint with Metamask on a mobile phone?

    If you are using a mobile phone to mint our lovely Nifty Nafty, you need to use the Metamask application built-in browser to mint our NFTs. Therefore, please launch the Metamask application, click the 3 lines on the top left menu in the application and select "Browser". It will open a web browser and you will be able to navigate back to to do the minting.

  • 3. How to mint with Metamask on a computer?

    If you are using a computer to mint our lovely Nifty Nafty, you just need to connect the Metamask plugin with our website, verify you have enough ETH to do the transaction, then you will be able to click on the Mint button to buy a few Nifty Nafty.

  • 4. How to pay less gas fees?

  • 5. How to find out that i got into Whitelist?

    You can open our Discord to check it - Discord

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